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How would you make these look better?

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How cute are those guys? Those are really good ! Here are a few suggestions, copy your outline layer so you don't lose it. Then use alias then feather on the outline. If that is too much and removes too much of it, try a Gaussian blur at a setting of 2 or 3. Then if you want more, maybe try one of the blend modes like overlay, glow, or screen. Then maybe adjust the transparency in either the layer properties or use the transparency tool in the adjustments menu. Wow keep up the great work. I love dogs ! I think your shading is very good, but if you want to do better, do a Google image search on the breed of dog you want and look at a lot of pictures of that dog and pay special attention to the hi lites as well as the shadows.

Good luck ! And post your results so we can all enjoy them !


SAC, WOTW and Photo Manip Competition Host

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