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Newbie needs help with resizing and adding a layer

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Hello, I am completely new to Paint.NET or any photo editing software. There are a couple of things that I would like to be able to do and don't know if it possible nor how do it. Any directions would be greatly appreciated.

I have a lot of "head shot" portraits of actors and actresses that I am integrating into my movie collection data base. Not all of the images are the same size. I have experimented with one image that is quite small but when I resize it I end up with a blurred image. Is there any way that I can batch convert all images to the same size without loss of sharpness?

I also would like to add the performer's name on the photo at the bottom. I have experimented with adding a layer, forming a rectangle the correct size for the photo, bucket filling the rectangle with white, then adding the name in text. I am happy with that result, but is there a way in which I can have the white rectangle layer saved so that add it to whatever photo I have open without having to perform all those actions each time.

Thanks for helping out a Paint.NET newbie.

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Is there any way that I can batch convert all images to the same size without loss of sharpness?


You could save that layer, yes. Automatically add it to a specified amount of pictures? No (as far as I know, pdn can't be used in any batch processing).

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Thanks. If I could save the layer and be able to add it to each image, that would be fine. Then all I would need to do is add the text. I'm just looking for a way to avoid having to do all the actions from scratch on each photo. How do you save the layer? The batch command would be just to resize the photos. I have some that are 70x100 and others that are 145x100 and a few of other sizes and I would like all the photos to be 230x300 without losing any of the clarity.

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Well, to extract that layer you can just save the white rectangle as a .png, this way the transparency will be preserved.

You could either take on of your images, delete every layer but the rectangle one and save that or (if you don't have the .pdns anymore) open up a new picture, modify it's size till it fits your needs, make the rectangle and save it as a .png.

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