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Looking for recommendations please =)

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Hiyas. I just started using paint.net after no longer being able to access photoshop or paintshop pro, and am wondering if someone that uses both photoshop and paint.net can recommend the plug ins I will need to have the same kind of set up as photoshop?

The things I would like to be able to do are actually quite simple (when you have photoshop and illustrator at your disposal) like auto outlines, vector lines, drop shadows etc however I can't do much with just the straight paint.net app. So if someone could recommend plug ins i should definitely have that would be wonderful.

Also I am wondering is there another way of extracting the background in images other than the magic wand? Because it doesn't seem to be able to pick up evey last bit of background pixels and my images end up with untidy white edges. Not much, but when you place the image ontop of a colourd background or image, it's definitely not very pretty.

Thank you all in advance.

PS I have already started looking at some of the available plugins, I am just looking for recommendations from people who already know which ones I should pick up.

I've been trying to get outlines like in the pictures below, but can't find a way of doing it with the standard app as it is atm. Any plugins with auto trace ability?



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1. Alphamask Import: It's similar to Photoshop's Clipping Mask.

2. Boltbait's Plugin pack: Bevel, Feather and many other good plugins.

3. Pyrochild's Plugin pack: Smudge, Curves+, Gradient Mapping, Outline Object...

4. MadjikAll Plugins: Lots of distortions (Oblique, Kaleidoscope) and renderings (Random Maze Generator, Shapes)

5. Shape3D: Allows you to create 3D images out of 2D images.

6. Blendmodes+: Lots of new blending modes.

7. Simon Brown's plugin pack: Lots of practical plugins such as Upload to..., CustomBrushes Mini and Animated Image, Editable Text.

8. Align Object: VERY useful.

Those are all on the first page of Plugins forum. Like Frontcannon said, you should download everything that's sticky'd. Also, search for a plugin called Sharpen+.

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The plugin "Outline Object" should do what you want. :-)


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