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Can a small complex dwg be copied & rotated many angles?

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New user: After making a dwg of a small but complex part, I need to copy this for nesting several together on one sheet of material and that means rotating the copied image to many different angles.

If PAINT can do this, would much appreciate to learn how.



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Select the drawing using one of the selection tools: :EllipseSelectTool: :LassoTool: :RectangleSelectTool:

Click on the Move selection icon :MoveTool:

Right click and hold to rotate (holding shift constrains to 15 degree segments)

Left click and hold to move the selection around.

Reproduce the selection with the old standards: Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V

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As Ego Eram Reputo said this is possible if you want to do it manually, and you can use also the Layer Rotating/Zoom function, by doing this:

-Duplicate the layer of your drawing

-Open Rotate/Zoom and play with settings "putting the required increment of the Angle as desired and also Pan and Zoom if you want".

-Then on your keyboard press Ctrl+Shift+D then Ctrl+Shift+Z then Enter, repeat this as many as required times.

-Then change the layer Blending Mood if it needs and merge all layers down.

However, there is some plugins give an acceptable results if you learn how to use them by reading the details in their section, like:


And Droste Effect Plugin ( Sorry, I can't find the link to it, I hope it is still there)

Hope this could help

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What's a "dwg" ... ?

short for drawing, .dwg is the file extension for an AutoCad drawing file.

(Or did you already know that and now I'm looking really stupid and will be nominated for some pwnage award next year?) :shock:


SAC, WOTW and Photo Manip Competition Host

To visit the Comps click HERE

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