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Cropping help

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Hi everyone.

The other day I was trying to construct an animated gif out of 10 PDN images. I had a fixed background and I was manipulating the top-most layer for the effect saving my images as I went along. I wanted to have the moving image roll in and out of frame. So I constructed the original image larger than what I needed. The problem I was having was in the cropping of the main image. I was very hard to get the cuts exactly the same every time. It makes the background move if it's not cut exactly the same every time.


Maybe I missed an easer way to do this. If so please advise. If not this may be a good idea for a plug-in. Precision cropping.


John P.

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My suggestion is to not use an oversize canvas.

Create your background image in the finished size

that you want it to be.

Open the background image in Paint.NET and

duplicate it until you have ten layers.

Import the text image, make ten layers of it,

and place them in alternating order over the

background layers.

Remove checkmarks in the Layers window until

only the bottom two layers are visible.

Position the text and merge down.

Make the next higher text layer visible and position it

relative to the completed bottom layer, then make

the background-type layer beneath it visible and merge.

Work your way up the layer stack until you have ten

finished layers representing the ten frames of your


Since you start out with as many copies of the text

as you'll need, you can let the text be chopped off

when it rolls out of the frame.

At that point save out the ten images in whatever

way is best for the animation utility you are using.

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