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Simple shadow help needed

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over the last few days i have been working on a poker chip kind of thing its looking pretty good

i have used shape 3d and make the chip stand up on its edge but its not looking a whole lot 3d any more i think it needs a shadow around the bottom so it looks like its standing up

you may notice there is a large open space on the chip that is because there is some advertising text there that i did not think appropriate to leave there.

also i have plans to put a new bit of text and animate it near the bottom when the shadow is done

attached is the file that i am working on


could i get the help in a mini tut style plz

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yeah, I saw the chip...but was wondering why you just didn't adjust the lighting in shape3D...but then I read more closely and saw you wanted it standing up on edge...

duplicate your chip

set it to black and white

adjust brightness/contrast both to 0

move that layer below your chip layer

use layers>rotate/zoom, and pan/tilt it downwards and to the side

adjust the opacity of the layer

could also add a gaussian blur if you wanted...you didn't really specify how sharp the shadow was supposed to be

should end up something like this:


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