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writing around a circular image

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im completely new to paint.net so i hope someone can help me out as im stuck on the following:

i have an image which is round. i wish to write text around it but i can't find anything in paint.net that will make it look professional.

attached is the image. i wrote 'text' in red to show where i want my text to go. but i can't find any easy way to do this...

hope someone can show me a way to do this. thanks!


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First you need to download and install this plugin: Circle Text.

How to install plugins: viewtopic.php?t=2023

Restart PDN.

1. Open your image.

2. Create a new layer :AddNewLayer:

3. Run the plugin which you'll find in the menu >Effects>Text Formations

4. Type your text into the textbox and fiddle with the other parameters until you have your text nicely arranged over your original image.

5. Save as a *.pdn (this step allows you to reopen the image with the layers intact - like when you want to edit or change the text).

6. Merge the layers down to save as another file type.

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