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I am working on putting a cross screen on stars so that they stand out and looks better. I think the only way to do this is by duplicating the layer first. I then isolate the stars by adjusting the contrast all the way up and leaving the brightness at its default setting. Because the stars are too small I run a median at 100% and about 5 pixels, that is so that they are bigger. I run the splinter blur on the whole image (that takes forever) and then I go to each star and put a transparent radial gradient on the four splinters making the spikes look better. Because I lost any color information by shooting the contrast all the way up, I then set the layer blending mode to additive over the original picture. The sky does nothing to the picture because it is black and 0 + n = n. My only question is whether or not there is an easier way. This process is time cosumiong and I am wondering if I can do anything to make it faster.

The other problem that I have is because the spikes do not have any color information, they look too fake.


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Can you post a small before & after image?

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