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Pop art

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1. Make one picture.

2. Go to Image > Canvas Size.

3. Select "By percentage:" and set the value to 200%

4. Set Anchor to Top Left.

5. Click OK.

6. Copy the image 4 times

7. For each section apply other Adjustment > Hue/Saturation values.

Apple rules. Microsoft rules. Paint.Net rules. God Bless America.

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Start by making 4 copies of your picture. Then do some experimenting with what you can find in the “Adjustments” menu.

When you have made 4 deferent variations you think is cool; you make a new blank picture 4 times as big as your original. And then copy; paste the 4 other.

That was the simple version, but you have to play with the adjustments to se what you want.

Can Paint.NET do this? YES:

http://leif-j.deviantart.com/art/Marily ... -131576771

My DA: http://leif-j.deviantart.com/


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@forbiddenrose please tell us, who's tip was the most helpful. I think of mine, because I explained step by step what to do, what is the most important thing to new users.



double agreed


"Clearly it's a very serious and literal meaning. If you're not solving physics equations then get off my lawn!-Rick Brewster Paint.net Lead Developer"

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