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Any tips to recover file following "file read" error?

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I spent hours on a project, saved it fine, I had to restart my computer and when I went back into paint.net and tried to open the file it said "There was an error reading the file from the media". if anyone knows how I can access my project again I would be very greatfull for any tips. I tried opening it with other programs but because I saved it as a pdn file,because I thought i was just going to continue working on it, it won't open anywhere else.

Thank you

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There can be few reasons:

1. The stupidest: The folder that You could be copying the file could have the Write permission without the Read permission.

2. Have You waited until Paint.Net saved the file? Or did You click restart and then clicked Save in the Paint.Net dialog box?

I don't really have an idea what could it be. But in my opinion it isn't Paint.Net's fault. Search for help further. :-)

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@mr.mojorisin: Thread titles need to be more specific than you original title. "Any tips?" doesn't really reflect your question at all.

I have edited the thread title for you.

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Run chkdsk with the /f parameter.

If you don't know how: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=33058&p=310421&hilit=chkdsk#p310425

When you say "restarted my computer" you mean a soft reboot, right? If you just turned it off and back on or hit the reset button without shutting down properly, it's entirely possible the file (and other files!) is corrupted. chkdsk may be able to help. Maybe.


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