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What did you GIVE for Christmas 2009?


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@ Frontcannon: What happened?

I managed to get all immediate family members something nice, or at least I hope so. EA Sports Active went to my parents, along with the extra excercises disc and accessories. I wonder what the old person obsession with Wii and the Wii Fit is all about :/


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I threw a snowball, missed the intended to be hit person, hit a bus. Bus driver rages, because the bus is already half an hour late, wants to have my particulars, drives off.

Now police called and said it's no biggie, but anyway.

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My bro got an iPhone, so I got him a really nice dock system that goes up to 50 hz :D

Then I got my Dad a crazy huge manly snow-shovel for shoveling snow :P

And gave my mom a "service" type of card (she's very un-materialistic - so a regular gift wouldn't have done it)

This Christmas totally rocked.

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Got my niece a guitar for Christmas eve and told her I'd take it back if she didn't learn a song by Christmas day.

(We celebrate with my dad's side of the family on the eve and my mom's side on the day of.)


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i gave all my nieces toys. All my siblings and i have an understanding that we don't buy each other gifts we just buy the kids gifts. I have no kids so i just buy gifts for the young ones.


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It's always tough to decide what I'm giving my mom for mother's day, because she hates spam and that's all these very helpful people who post on this forum ever recommend!



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