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What did you receive for Christmas 2009?

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This topic is designated for what you received this Christmas this year of 2009. I hope there isn't a topic like this already, i did a quick search to check, and didn't see anything (so i am sorry if there is). If you don't celebrate Christmas, please post what you received for whatever holiday you do celebrate :D

This is now the second year of this event, please thank Wilson for reminding me to put up this topic this year.

If you'd like to see the first year of this topic here it is: What did you receive for Christmas 2008?

Same rules as last year, here you are:

Topic Rules:

-nothing inappropriate

-only post a maximum of 10 gifts you received (just kidding there is no limit, i was just saying this so i wouldn't be jealous).

-post gifts from whatever December/January 2009 holidays you received gifts from (does not include birthdays) :(

I guess there isn't that many rules... so have fun!

Be sure to ask questions if i didn't give enough details on this. :D

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I just recieved my first gift: a Deluxe Jesus Christ action figure, with two plastic fish and five plastic loaves of bread, and I can't forget the reversible vase of either wine or water. Well, Merry Christmas! :|

:lol: Hey, if you don't want it, you know where to send it to.

I've received, so far, a Canon 50mm f/1.8, $25 to Starbucks, and a sketchbook.

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I got a mattress! I've also now got 12 of Robert Jordan's 14 books in the Wheel of Time series, since the last 2 aren't finished yet.

Oh no, please stop now! They will eat away at your life! I know, because I've read 'em all (except for The Gathering Storm, I haven't picked it up yet). :P


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