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Outline Object w/ Paint.Net


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Hey everyone,

First off, I started with Paint.Net only a few days ago after using regular Paint and GIMP. And I understood the moment I opened the program why all of my friends preferred it over the other two mentioned. It's awesome. :)

I'm having one error, however. I downloaded BoltBait's Outline Object and whenever I try to use it, it shows up like this:


Is there something I'm missing, like another effect I had to download? I tried this on both 3.36 and 3.5.1, but both show up just like the picture above.

Please reply! Thank you to all who do!


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You've downloaded an outdated plugin. Please redownload my plugins from here: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=22819

Also, in the future, if you're having trouble with a specific plugin, post in that plugin's thread in the plugin forum. This forum is for Paint.NET issues only. Closed.

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