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Requesting a logo for a band.

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Hi! My name is Eric, and I'm in a rock band called Merlo. We're newly formed, and don't have much of anything yet. We need a website, which I can make, but what we need before that is a sweet logo. I suck at making logos, and I know people on here are REALLY good at it. So, if I'm allowed (sorry if this is in the wrong place), could someone make a logo for me?

It would just have to say Merlo. That's the only requirement. Other than that, whatever you think looks best. Simply post your image here when you're done.

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Absolutely not. Read the rules -- they are for EVERYONE to read, not just those who already know them.

This is a place for Paint.NET discussion, not for finding people to do free work for you. I can't even imagine why you'd think your request is appropriate.

Thread Closed

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