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How do you animate photos in paint.net?

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Can someone tell me how to animate photos, displacing its different "planes" at will (well, sort of)? Among others, this technique is used in documentaries and suchlike, for example when there is no newsreel material available. Movements on the photos are either forward/backward and pans, or a combination thereof. As one moves forward, back, sideways, up, or whatever on the still picture, the various planes shift according to their position in the image's perspective.

It probably all comes down to separating the various elements, saving them to separate layers, then applying a technique for 'animating' (aka shifting) them. I know one can separate various elements from their background and surroundings in paint.net with, f.i., the "magic wand". However, despite its keen possibilities, this remains a painstaking process. Is there a feature or plug-in that can streamline the procedure? As for 'animating' the resulting caboodle, can one download an animating feature or plug-in, which does not seem present in the otherwise very comprehensive paint.net (contrary to Photoshop, for example, which boasts such a feature)?

Actually, my aim is to 'animate' 17th century Dutch paintings, with their typical "planes" in depth. Discovering a practical way to do this would be a great boon. Or maybe, there is a program out there dedicated to just such a process. However, how much I searched on the Internet, nothing of the sort came up.

Thanks for answering this.

Best regards,


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