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Can the TEXT tool be corrupting files?

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I am having a problem - I edit my photo in paint.net with text and save it as a jpg. - then I try to upload it to my cpanel to add it to my website but the edited picture will upload but not open. However if I upload the photo without adding text in paint.net, the picture opens in cpanel.

Why do you think this is happening?

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open the file again in paint.net along the top of the screen left side it gives name of file if it says aprilsfile(or what ever you called it) .pdn you didn't flatten.

file>saveas > filename and the drop down file extension of .png or .jpg.

I know you said you saved it as a .jpg but just recheck it was flattened and saved as .jpg and you didn't just clik save.

also I've had problems where I had two "." in an file name

for safety sake I'd make a copy first before you try any changes to what you've done so far. Just incase you want to come back and rework on this again.

ciao OMA

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