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encountering a problem and needs to close

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I have several . Net framework versions loaded in add/remove programs namely

.net framerwork 1.1 and security update

.net framework 2.0 sp2 and a lot of updates like .asp. net etc

.net framework 3.0 sp 2 and eleven updates and finally

.net framework 3.0 sp1 and hotfix for microsoft .net framework 3.5 sp2 (KB953595)

Could the old versions be causing the program to close encountering a problem ? Would like to

try this program but can't get it working.

What can I try to get it working ?


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If you don't have .NET 3.5 SP1 installed, then you need to install it.

It's a free download from Microsoft, a link can be found here: http://www.getpaint.net/download.html

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Add/remove programs shows .net framework 3.5 sp1. might earlier versions be conflicting with paint.net ? I have reinstalled and uninstalled 3 X .net framework and paint.net but keep getting same problem "encountering a problem and must shut down"

Look forward to your help to try your program.

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I am using XP Pro SP2 with 2 gb of memory. I have all the latest updates but I believe I have a weird problem that effects me using paint.net as well as Microsoft Paint. I tried many many times to open a screen I saved and it automatically closed down just like when I ran paint.net so somewhere my problem effects both programs. I ran a virus program, Microsoft security essentials and although it found some viruses, it removed all of them. The bottom line something is happening in my system. The only way I was able to save the many screens was to paste them into PowerPoint. I am sending you these files and hope you will be able to figure out what my problem is. Since the powerpoint files aren't acceptable I converted all the files into png format and these files were acceptable .

Thanks a lot.




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I found the offending file and sent a email to the software vendor Free Video Converter. I uninstalled this program for the time being. So I print a screen did a pr int screen, pasted it into Paint and was able to save it, open the file but I have a new problem that I can't install your program. I don't know why but I am enclosing the file I was just able to save.

The email server of Compuserve isn't working for the last two days. Please answer me at ambertape@hotmail.com if possible. Compuserve doesn't know when they will have the mail server fixed so please answer me to both email addresses.


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I'm not sure what happens when you click on "Change".

To do the Repair option, click on the NET Framework

listing, then on "Click here for support information."

A window with a repair option should open up.


Uninstalling and re-installing may solve things,

give it a try.


Also, try doing a command line chkdsk scan with the

/f parameter, as described here:

chkdsk with /f parameter

Let it complete, then do a screenshot to post here.

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I seem to be running into additional problems. I ran chkdsk/f but I didn't see the screen as

I had a phone call and was away from my laptop. I am enclosing two .png files showing my

problems. I couldn't repair the .net framework 2.0 so I decided to download ver 2.0.

Unfortunately the file I downloaded was dosnetfx.exe and it asked for a a msi file which I didn't find on Microsoft only exe files. Bottom line I couldn't install the exe file and I didn't find netfx20a_X86.msi. I also can't remove framework 2.0 either so I need more help. I read about a cleanup tool for all the framework files by a Microsoft person named Aaron Stebner Web.

Look forward to your answers. Thanks.



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Check to see if you have "Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0" or 3.5 below the entry for 2.0. The error you're getting is because there are other items in Add/Remove Programs that are dependent on 2.0.

The .NET Framework stuff is confusing, so don't be too concerned if you're confused.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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I can't remove the remove these files. It won't let me let me remove 2.0 sp2, 3.0 sp2 and 3.5 sp2. So far I can't delete any of the .net framework files. Need another suggestion. Might it be possible to remove them in the registry ?

Have a Happy New Year



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