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brush pauses outlined by white ring

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Preparatory to a week away from the office I loaded paint.Net and the Wacom Bamboo Pen driver on to my Asus G2 laptop that is running Vista 32 bit and has .Net 3.5 sp1. The Bamboo Pen worked in a simple and satisfactory way with paint.Net on my Vista 64 bit workstation and whereas the left mouse button works that way with paint.Net on the workstation and on the laptop. But, when I am in brush mode on the laptop and use the Bamboo Pen I hit a to me unhelpful feature. If the pen is moving as it touches the tablet there is a short hesitation before the the brush stroke begins to show up on the paint.Net window. If the pen touches the tablet and sits briefly paint.Net draws a white ring abound the brush image and if the pen is moved while the ring is visible the color switches from primary to secondary. If the pen stays where it touched for a couple of seconds the white ring goes away and the brush uses the primary color. I have not discovered a setting in Bamboo or in paint.Net to control this. Any help appreciated.

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