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i really dont like the icons on the second one

I'm sorry.

the Luna style taskbar clashes horribly with the rest of the screenshot. Royale would probably look a bit better... a bit...

I know, but at the time I didn't feel like switching taskbars (a la WindowBlinds) to a darker, and cooler one. That one was from a looong time ago, even before my first post in here.

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*boo hiss to Safari*

Really nice Stephan, Vista theme and icons :thumbs up: and I love the bottom widget arrangement.

I wonder who inspired your wallpaper? :wink:

Here's mine - >Click the linky<. Nothing Impressive but still feels like home.

I'm thinking of creating an animated wallpaper, but .gifs have shocking quality so I have no idea how I will incorporate a flash file (or other animation) there, but I'm determined to find out and experiment.

EDIT: figured it out 8)

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Hi, I'll use this thread to introduce myself. I'm not only new to Paint.NET but to PCs and the Internet as well. I was searching for something more powerful than MS Paint and found this site and I love it so far.

Here's the first wallpaper I ever made, done pixel by pixel with MS Paint, combining the "God Kills a Kitten" image with the XP background "Bliss". I'm hoping that once I learn more about computers and Paint.NET I can clean up those rough edges and make some real art.

THANK YOU for such a wonderful, free program!


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