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[substantiated guess] 1920x1080. [/substantiated guess]

Good guess 0(-,-)0 . 1920x1080 it is. ;)

csm725 - is that a Dell Dock along the top of your screen? I only ask because I watched vids on You Tube of people using the XPS16 and they all had the dock, but when mine arrived it was not there. :(



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theres lot of great third party apps and wallpapers + lots of other fun stuff at there webside :), tho i dont like most of the wallpapers for a widescreen resolution...

edit: sorry i thought the link let to Rocketdocks wepside... :) which can be downloaded here

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I've tried Rainmeter so many times but just when I think it's perfect, the config files get corrupted or something and then Rainmeter crashes every time I try to load it.:mad: I would love it if I could actually get it to work but because I can't, I often use Multimeter for Windows Sidebar.

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