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Post Your Desktop Thread


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This is one of the new Win7 wallpapers. Saw the website I got it from in a mag but I`ve thrown it away now and can`t remember the name of the website! Doh.

Well, Se7en wallpapers aren't exactly rare now. ;)

dude LFC where'd you get those icons? or did you make them... they are teh Aw3s0M3

Got em on dA. http://chrfb.deviantart.com/art/quot-ec ... G-59941546


Merry Christmas


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I tried out reshack to edit some vs as well, and while I've heard it works, I just couldn't get to work right.

I would reimpport the .bmps and when I applied the vs it just defaulted to windows original...

I like your start button though, do you have it so it changes when it's showing you the start menu? or is it static?

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