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Post Your Desktop Thread


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Eew. That mucked up my system so bad... It was still serviceable, at a stretch, but it took ten minutes to load fully! That's even worse than my current five-minuter...


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As you can see, Simon has linked to Circle Dock and the sidebar on my desktop is Windows Vista Sidebar ported to Windows XP.

Mods: If that is considered as warez-talk, please edit my post.

Regarding VTP, if your system can take it, use it - at your own risk though, but you're much better off vista-fying your XP machine yourself manually. :P

@tHs: The visual style I'm using is Visty.

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Here's my current desktop:


Got to do some cleanup with my shortcuts, I think I like this layout.

The Visual Style is NiteLite (Find it on Deviant Art) Thanks J2K for it, by the way.

And I made the background myself, 100% PDN.

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PDN Gallery | I Made a Deviant Art!

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