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Post Your Desktop Thread

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Nice wallpaper you have there rasengan105. Do you have a link to the original or is that your own creation?

Also, let's try to keep full size previews no larger than 600 pixels wide; I've edited it to a clickable thumbnail for you as it was misaligning the Forum format.

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No need: necroposting doesn't count in the Overflow, Tutorial, Plugin and Pictorium sections.

On a different, but on-topic, note: nice wallpaper, Overkill. Are you in possession of a link to the picture?

Hmm, perhaps I should make this official...

If you have a link to the original desktop background image you showcase here, provide a link to feed the desktop-obsession some of us suffer from.

'Original' in terms that the author of said image is credited in some way. If not, a foot-note will suffice.

See? I've got my big-font out, I only do that in official capacities.

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I know what you mean - since my time in the big wide world of desktop customization, I've always seen docks and I tried it but they were annoying. Nearly every single dock I tried would often do this weird thing where it flicker on top of everything else or just hard to manage.

Luckily Circle Dock is better but make sure you download the beta! This is one awesome project which I think has a great future in my opinion.

I can't wait for next beta, soon there will be spiral mode included as well. :mrgreen:

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