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i got the full version of windowblinds and then all my trillian contacts got orphaned, i thought wb was the caause so i uninstalled the best thing that ever happened to my desktop and had to reinstall trillian.....


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No... explain please

Well, imagine first that you're enthusiastic about the idea of free software (guessing that's not a stretch if you're a PdN fan ;) )...now imagine there's an entire OS based on free software, but it's not very polished and the pieces don't look nice when it's all together.

Then, imagine that someone comes along and polishes everything, fixes the rough edges, does some fine detailing, makes all of the programs simple to install, and doesn't change the price.

That's why people are excited about Ubuntu.

It's probably the best linux distro (I don't count SuSE anymore) out there, as far as being a reasonable choice for a full-time desktop OS goes.

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