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extend selection?

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Hi all,

i'd like to select a logo in order to impose it as another layer in a different pic. the catch is, that i want to add some sort of a (white) "border" to the logo. In Photoshop i can achieve that by using "extend selection" with a few pixels before copying the selection. is there a way to do that in pdn?



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So you want to extend the selection you have out by a few pixels but all relative to the original?

EDIT: I'll assume that's what you mean. There's no particular function for it but theres a cheap and nasty trick you can try.

1. Have your selection selected and make a new layer

2. Fill that selection with a colour and unselect

3. Gaussian Blur it to the desired amount

4. grab your magic wand and set it to 0% tolerence

5. select outside the blurred area

and now you have a selection 2,3,4,5 pixels out from your original. Do with it what you will :D

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