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Valtor's Installation Problem(s)

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I'll try to be brief, but I doubt I can be, to give you the whole story. Alright, so I've got Windows XP with regular updates, and I've had Paint.NET for almost two years now. About a week ago it wouldn't open when I double-clicked on it- instead it slowed down my system. I don't clearly remember how I deleted it, but it took a while to do (I think I did a search, sent the file to recycle bin, then emptied bin). Then I tried to download a more recent version of Paint.NET, aka 3.5, but I got stopped.


So I found your site and discovered that an earlier version (what I know now to be 2.0) was problematic, so I used Windows Installer Cleanup to delete versions 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5. Then I read your post where it said I needed 3.0 as a base, so I tried to download it. But somehow, there was still a "newer version" on my computer.


So I checked my currently installed programs, and all the computer could recognize was the base 1.1 version.


My computer somehow thinks I still have . . . 3.5, I'm guessing-? still lurking around. But I did a search of all files and folders for the whole computer, using the exact filename, and the computer couldn't find it.


So basically, if I try to download 3.5, I get stopped. And if I try 3.0, I get stopped. I simply cannot move ahead, and I'd really appreciate any advice. Thank you very much for reading and considering. I know I've screwed around with my system, so I've probably dug a deeper hole than most people you see.

Most sincerely,


What a pain.

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I am hanging out here waiting for an answer to a question, and saw yours. Don't know if you are still looking for a solution.

I am pretty sure by just deleting the files, you have created an error in your registry. I know I have read how to fix that, but I don't remember the details ATM. I'm sure you could do a google search on how to clean your registry if you don't have a program to do that. Then you could do a clean install.

For future reference, deleting programs instead of uninstalling them causes all sorts of problems. So does moving programs from one place to another. Also, if you are deleting something to try and get a fix for it, don't empty your recycle bin til after you have it fixed. If the program was still in the bin you could have restored it, uninstalled it properly, and then reinstalled.

Hope that helps.

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