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LOMO effect - some expiremint...

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I tried to play with the LOMO effect (there is a toturiel someware in the forum) but didn't quit made it. So ai made some expriments and came out with the a set of steps.

I started with a camera not much better then the LOMO - a Nokia E51 phone - this is the original photo:


  • I made the following steps:
    Adjustment -> Auto level
    Adjustment -> Brightness/Contrast -> Brightness +10
    Duplicate Layer
    Effects -> Photo -> Vignette -> Radius 0.55 (Upper Layer)
    Layer Properties -> Opacity: 159 (Upper layer)
    ** (option: Adjustment -> Black & White)
    Adjustment -> Brightness/Contrast -> B -5, C +30 (Lower L)
    Adjustment -> Hue/Saturation -> Saturation +20 (Lower L)
    Layers -> Merge Layer Down
    Adjustment -> Hue/Saturation -> Saturation +20

This is the color result:


This is the optional B&W:


I would love to here what U think and if any of them came close to a good result.



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