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Question about using the Paint Bucket

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I am new to Paint.Net and so far am very impressed with it. I'm also surprised that it's free. Anyway, I've been playing around with it and was trying to figure out how to do one thing in particular. How do you fill in a color with transparency rather than a color? Example, the Mandelbrot set. If you want to fill in the white with transparency how would you do that? I've played around with the paint bucket and can't figure it out.

Thank you for your help and thank you for providing such excellent software for free.


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Hi prophet001,

To fill with transparency using the Paintbucket:

Expand your Colors window by clicking on More >>.

Then set the primary color Transparency-Alpha to zero.

Click on the Paintbucket icon, then in the toolbar,

set the fill blending mode to Overwrite.

You're all set to spread some Alpha.

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