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I just cannot do it, can someone explain me how to

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I am having a hard time trying to achieve something that most people would find easy! The fact is it just eludes me. I have tried with paint and photoshop and i cannot do it! So i am asking if someone in this community could do it for me here is what I cannot do!

I would like to change the background color of this image


into these colors ( in fact on of each)




now i have used the magic tool and the bucket thing but it seems to make the letters unreadable.

so if you know the solution to my problem, could you please explain it to me, i assure you the conventional ways does not seem to work.

Thank you in advance


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the picture is quite small here to see properly. but if there is no gradiant and its just solid white background you could use the plugin alpha space.

that will remove the white easily (as long as its a solid shade of white)

once the white is out you just add a layer and pop the background of your choice in.

I can't tell but think its an image with shadowing around the letters and this is why you are seeing distortion. not sure if you realize that you can adjust the tolerance of the wand.

ciao hope that helps


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I see what you mean about the final size of the picture.

If you have an original image file that is bigger, it will be

easier to edit that and resize it down before posting it

to the web page.

For the lighter background:

Set the text layer above the background with the

Blend mode of the text layer set to Multiply.

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Sarkut i sent you a PM

here is the original picture file


I isolated the image for you. Now you can use layers to put it on any color you want.

I did it this way:

1. Open in Pdn, call it "original"

2. Duplicate the layer, call it "mask"

3. Select "mask" layer and do Adjustments > Black and White

4. Then do Adjustments > Brightness / Contrast. Adjust the contrast allmost all the way up, adjust the brightness so that the background is white and all the letters are pure black.

5. Select all (Ctrl-A), Copy (Ctrl-C)

6. Make the mask layer invisible

7. Select the "original" layer

8. Run the Alpha Mask plugin and invert the mask check box.

9. Send PayPal payment to BoltBait


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