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Zieon Eslador's Gallery

Zieon Eslador

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Zieon's Gallery

I don't really believe in using stocks or textures that I didn't make, so you probably won't see much of either.

Abstract Art

Hidden Content:
I can't really remember why I made this one... I have an idea, but I'm not sure.


This was made for a Power-point background quite a while ago.


I made as a background to a music player I made in C#.


Can't remember when or why this was made.


Desktop Art

Hidden Content:
This was my first attempt at a planet-scape that just so happened to be the same size as my desktop. (Click for DeviantArt link)


This was my entry for the WOTW #10 "Speed." Everything was done from scratch and there is a tutorial on how to make a bullet in the Tutorials - Creations sub-forum. (Click for DeviantArt link)


My attempt at a stained glass window. Made from scratch in ~3 hours with Paint.NET, I may enter this for the WOTW: Stone if it is acceptable. (Click for DeviantArt link)


Image Modification/Manipulation

None. :)


Hidden Content:
Loading screen animation I created using Paint.NET, titled "Sigil."


This one is absolutely huge, this was a T-shirt design our class was going to print and sell at a Cross-Country meet. I did use a stock for this one, but I drew everything except the Cavalier.


Pixel Images

Nope. :wink:

Realistic Images

Hidden Content:
Well actually it's a [WIP] since I can't figure out what to put on the wall...


Alright, I had planned something else entirely for this, but this'll do.


Signatures, Avatars, Logos & Text

Hidden Content:
Grayscale Competition with border.


Now without a border.


Sigil, my signature for various websites.


My current avatar.


Oldest signature, from when I first downloaded Paint.NET.




(Click top half for DeviantArt gallery) (Click bottom half for Paint.NET gallery)

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I think both are excellent but I prefer the first one as the detail on the top of the wall seems to stand out better. But it`s a very small difference. I had to look at each one several times to notice any difference at all. And that flame is awesome. That`s so realistic. Nice one Zieon :wink:



Please feel free to visit my Gallery on PDNFans

And my Alternatives to PDN

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a bit awkward... are the burning stones supposed to fly up??

Futher good work ;-)

Haha, no, I'm not that insane...sorta

Midnight's silence was broken only by the faint sound of heavy cranks turning, far off in the night. No one took heed; there was peace in the land and few knew the sound of a catapult's winch. The silence was shattered as a burning rain of fire and pitch fell from the darkness.

Thus began the siege of Dareinshai.

Made in about 4 hours using only Paint.NET.



(Click top half for DeviantArt gallery) (Click bottom half for Paint.NET gallery)

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