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How to make a sliced 3D orange (with video tut)!

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it


EDIT (3/29/2010): Click to view video version of this tutorial!


This tutorial will teach you how to make on orange like this one:


PdN version used:



Plug-ins needed:


BoltBait's Outline Object

Color Balance

Light Rays

Align Object

Polygones (Yes, I know it's misspelled; part of the MadJik plugin pack)


Diagonal Lines

Ed Harvey's effect pack




Start out with a new canvas :FileNew: , 600x600.


Next, add a new layer :LayersAddNewLayer:  and name it Fruit.


Go to 'Ellipse Select' tool :EllipseSelectTool: , hold Shift, and make a circle with area between 500x500 and 515x515 (Write down the area, you will need it later)



Set colors :WindowColors: (Hex):

Primary: FFAE00

Secondary: FF7B00


Put a linear gradient :GradientTool: :LinearClampedGradient: to your fitting from bottom right corner to top left.



Radial Blur :RadialBlurEffect: using the default settings.


Align object to center.


Apply Shape 3D using the settings in this file:

(Upload file to My Documents > Paint.Net User Files and click XML on the bottom of the Shape 3D dialog box

Orange Settings

EDIT: Remember to add anti-aliasing at level 5


Once more, Radial Blur :RadialBlurEffect: using the default settings.


If you're not satisfied with the colors, then use Color Balance (Adjustments > Color Balance).

I used 11,0,-17.


Add a new layer :LayersAddNewLayer:  and name it Divider.


Draw a line where you want the orange to be 'sliced' (make sure it's from one end of the canvas to the other, NOT as shown):



Magic wand  :MagicWandTool: the section you don't want, go to the Fruit layer, and press Delete.


Uncheck the visibility of the Divider layer and average blur the Fruit layer (Radius = 2px)


Make a new layer :LayersAddNewLayer: and name it Inside


Make an outlined circle :ShapeDrawTypeBoth: with :WindowColors: Primary Hex: FF8C00.

Try to make it the same area as your original circle if you can remember. If not, make it between 500x500 and 515x515.

Fill it with :WindowColors: FFF5D1.


Align it in the center (Effects > Align Object).


Set Colors :WindowColors: :

Primary: FF9D00

Secondary: Transparency - Alpha: 0  


Add a new layer and call it 'Segments'.


Effects > Render > Light Rays



Add new layer :LayersAddNewLayer: and name it Segment Dividers.



Make lines on the edges of the rays as accurately as possible. (Outline object could supposedly work too.)

Set Primary Color to FFF5D1.



If when done, the center is off-centered, ignore it.


Back to the Segments layer.


Set colors :WindowColors: :

Primary: FF9D00

Secondary: Transparency - Alpha: 0


Run Light Rays with same settings as last time except for the Swap Colors box, which should be checked.



Set layer opacity to 200.


Still on the Segments layer, go to Ellipse Select tool :EllipseSelectTool:


Holding the Shift key, try to select the center of the circle leaving about a half an inch border.


Invert the selection (Ctrl+I), merge the layer named Segment Dividers down into the Segments layer, and press delete.


Add new layer :LayersAddNewLayer: and name it Center.


Set your primary color to F9CE40.


Run the Polygones plugin (Effects > Render)



Fill the hole with the brush tool :PaintBrushTool: .


Optional: Seeds

Add a new layer :LayersAddNewLayer: , name it Seeds.


Set colors :WindowColors: :

Primary: 545454

Secondary: EAE3C0


Go to freeform shape tool  :FreeformShapeTool:  and choose Filled Shape with Outline :ShapeDrawTypeBoth:


Draw a teardrop shape anywhere on the screen and move it to wherever you want.


Duplicate, rotate, move, and merge until you're satisfied with the positions of your seeds. Merge the layer(s) down into the Segments layer when you have finished.


Optional: Orange Fibers

Add new layer :LayersAddNewLayer: and name it Fiber.


Go to the Segments layer and select outside the segments, Invert the Selection (Ctrl+I)


Go back to the Fiber layer.


Run Diagonal Lines:



Run Dents (reseed until satisfied):



Go to Segments layer, Magic Wand select (Global mode), select a line (divider), go back to the Fiber layer and delete.


Merge the layer down into Segments layer and merge that into Inside layer.


Rotate/Zoom (Ctrl+Shift+Z)



Adjust to the cut of your orange, this corresponds to mine.

Resize the layer to fit the side of the orange.


Run Outline Object on Inside layer: 2, 2, RGB 255 204 0


Optional: Bumps in orange (3 steps)

Go to the Fruit layer, select outside of fruit, Ctrl+I.


Add noise :AddNoiseEffect: 50, 0, 100.


Gaussian Blur - 3 pixels.




That's it!

Hope you had fun!



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I was getting depressed, having come back after almost a month to find so many terrible tutorials...yours shines like a beacon of hope in the darkness. :-P Good work!

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They seem to work fine to me....but actually, "Master War" brings up a good point. You should link, not directly to the plugin itself, but to the Plugin forum thread for that plugin. That way updates can still be controlled by the plugin author. :-)

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Okay, I fixed them all except for the 'Polygones' plugin (Again, I know it's misspelled) and the 'Dents' plugin by Ed Harvey (I believe Ed hasn't updated his plugin pack for PdN v.3.5.x).

By the way I am very young so it's very nice that people are supporting me, thanks!

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I fixed the link to Ed Harvey's plugin pack. It's sticky'd on the Plugin page (always remember to use Search!). The site you were linking to is illegally hosting plugins, and we don't want to encourage that.

I couldn't find Polygones, either, but could you use a polygon plugin that is on this board? We want to maintain control over the plugins we recommend, and the ones on this board have been reviewed and confirmed to be virus-free.

I commend you for doing all this so young!

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Wonderful! I did the skin's texture by some noise with a couple Reliefs. For the flesh, I stretched some noise that had went through Dents and used Polar Transformation to get it in a ring. Other than that, it's by the tutorial.

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@EscapistAngel - Nice job! The outer skin of the orange looks better if you just add noise @ 100,0,100 and Gaussian Blur by 2 or 3, the black is less pronounced if you do it my way. But still, nice!

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