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Gradient Quality

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I don't know if this is the right subforum to post this but why gradients in Paint.net tend to look posterized? This is what appears to me:


Although with the same colors in PS doesn't have any problem:


It is the gradient algorinth of each program or its a bug?

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@pyrochild: how 'bout a "Gradient+" plugin? :-P


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Yeah, I already added that to my list. Like 10 minutes after I posted. Unfortunately, that list is now like 20 items long. Hopefully over the winter I can knock off half of it.


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Photoshop uses a fancy dithering algorithm. Paint.NET does a straight, simple gradient.

My "Gradient" plugin does dithering too now. It's not as versatile as PDN's gadient, and the dithering is not as strong as PhotoShop's, but it works. It should help especially if two interpolated colors are really close to each other.

If you're interested, download via the link below.

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