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Maintaining size of cut pieces, restoring to Default

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Sorry to bother you with these seemingly simple questions: I've played around with this to the point where I give up and need help. Thanks.

I outline then copy, as an example, a 2x2 piece from an image. I want to create a new file using just that copied piece, maintaining the same size and quality as the copied piece.

I then go to File/New. No matter how I mess with the ratios, I always come out with a much magnified and lesser quality image.

Please, I just want that 2x2 image I copied to stay a 2x2 image and having the same pixel quality that was in the original image I copied from.

And when I did manage to keep the same size, it looked like a small print in the middle of this large canvas with a white background.

FYI, I am saving all images in JPG.

Thank you. I'm sure I am doing something basically wrong, but I can't seem to figure out what.

Secondly, which isn't nearly as important to me, is how do you restore the canvas size to it's original, or default settings.

Thank you for your time in this: I do appreciate it.


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