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Save Settings & Other User Options

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Please allow for at least some savable basic user settings:

1. Remember file type when saving files - instead of having to re-select JPEG (for example) every time a file is newly saved.

2. Remember settings for image capture (acquire/scan) and a default device so it is less click-intensive each time

3. Most frustrating of all is having the effects dialog boxes always open right smack dab in the middle of the drawing object or picture. Please allow for user placement and remembering dialog box locations.

4. Remember effects and adjustments settings across sessions and not just for the current session.

Thank you very much - really great product!

Ketchup Kid

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On #3, where else would the effects go besides the menu bar? Aside from that, looks like reasonable suggestions.

It isn't the menu choice location, it is the pop-up dialog boxes that appear to initiate an effect. They always pop up right in the middle of the main window so the user has to always move the dialog box before anything can be set and execute. You can't see the center of the object/photo otherwise.

Ketchup Kid

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