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reproduceable .png bug ?!


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i draw some pictures with paint.net 3.5 and i wonder,

a few days ago as i try to print one of the pictures

100% size , it was printed in stamp size.

the picture wich i talk about got a resolution of : 384 x 479pixel (w/h)

and the printsize wich is shown in paint.net is 1,28" x 1,60"

for a better understanding a "regular" picture with for an

example 480 x 295 pixel , i have printed in 100% size

in about 6,67" x 4,10" resolution.

i have tested it on different computers using different printers,

everytime i try to print in 100% originalsize and got a that tiny print.

the reproducable error, when i draw in paint net,

and put another layer over which i now transformate (the thing with the the rotate ball)

and after i save the picture as an .png (paint.net asks to put all lay together)

i got this bloody potato...

...2 times...

the pictures i was talking about were:

error picture 1


error picture 2


and the regular picture wich i was talking about above...


the pictures are shown in my "feeled" real size (in every programm i try)

but as a print ther comes the error

hope now somebody could explain me whats wrong withe the 2 png`s

and the next version of paint.net will work better...



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It appears that you are accustomed to printing at 72 dpi,

and these are printing at 300 dpi.

Your examples:

384 x 479 / 300dpi = 1.28 x 1.6 inches

480 x 295 / 72dpi = 6.67 x 4.1 inches


Be sure to save at the 72 dpi you are accustomed to,

or work with a larger pixel count in the future.

To adjust the dpi before saving, from the Paint.NET Menu Bar.

Image > Resize...

Also, check that the printer isn't configured to print at 300dpi as default.

This link will explain further:

Hope this helps

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thx for you well done answer, yes that sloves the problem.

and for the future now i know there is another button to

look and click...

learning through asking.





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