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Hi everyone. I haven't any kind of time to do this since I started college four months ago. Anyway, I wanted to see if I still knew my way around paint.net. The pictures are on the large side of the canvas size. To be honest, I didn't want to have images where a huge tv is needed to view them, kind of like my 52" LCD :) Hope you all enjoy.




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I like both, and the way that the colors match, but I have a few comments:

I like the nebula in the second one more than the first, and I recommend to use this tutorial's way to make them (just a suggestion).

For the background of the first one, I think for the noise you should turn up the intensity and turn down the coverage, it looks more like outer space that way.

I really like the texture for the planet in the first one, too, very creative.

The second one in my opinion is better and worse at different things. I like the main galaxy, but I don't like the clouds. I recommend changing the colors by selecting each big chunk at a time, and changing the hue just a little bit (using hue/saturation), like this. (I only did a few.)

Good work!

But by the way, only one gallery is allowed...according to your created topics you have 4 others (I always check to see whenever posting in a gallery.)...

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schmang, I've merged your FOUR (!) active Pictorium threads into one. Feel free to rename if you like, but please read the rules for each subforum before starting threads in them.


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