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Panic! At The Disco Signiture 1

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You know how you made your lines across on one layer, or another canvas or something then gaussian blurred them?

I suggest making a new image, 250 wide by 200 tall if my eyes serve me right, and then making the entire background transparent.

Proceed to making your green lines, then blurring them.

Paste that image into the PATD picture, and then make a new layer, make some lines that look like they are coming off of the current ones on the left side of the image, and then blur them and all that, then adjust the opacity so it looks like they faded into the other side.

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i dunno why...but is a strange sig......i like the green lines.....i hate the letters....i hate the woman/man....... i hate the blurr you did betwen were is the pic and were are the letters... i guess you should put more blurr on it.....dont really know.....

sorry...i know that may comment isn't one of the bests and confusing....but that is what came to my head =/

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