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Changing the colour or an object

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I have this file I want to edit. I have used lasso and elliptical to enclose the area I wish to change. It is set up as a new layer. I have tried using the colour sampler to duplicate the colour of blue, and then the paintbrush to colour it in. I am trying to get a full, blue circle, mo black .



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Once you have selected the area and the desired colour, either use the Paintbucket tool or hit the Backspace key on your keyboard to fill that selection with the primary colour. (Essentially, both are the same means to the same end, only one uses less clicks.)

Alternatively, use the Paintbrush, with the desired colour selected, at the size you want your circle (be that size 2 or 200). One click will create a circle. The same applies to the Shape tools. No need to use the selection tools.

If you are having problems selecting the colour from the image, however, make sure you are selecting on the correct layer: using the Colour Picker on a new layer will only select a transparent colour.

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Hi there> Thanks> What I am looking to do is fill in more of the blue, and then more of the red, so there is no gaps. It would appear that I would need to go to the original "skin" of the airplane then, to pick the correct colour? Then use the Lasso to make the doughnut, and then use the pencil to add in the missing colour? If I'm not able to do that it must be because I am on a new transparent layer?

When I finished the original colour I hit "Multiply" which seem to make it a bit translucent, and then I reduced the opacity to 187. If I want to use this same colour, which was the light red of the wing, to fill in the gaps around the cockade, how would I best get to that same colour to use as fill in?

Thanks for your help on this.


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To make a circular selection, better to use the Ellipse Select tool

while holding the Shift key down.

You can make the doughnut hole with the same tool while holding down

both the Shift key and the Alt key. This can remove a smaller circle

from the inside of the circular selection made by the previous step.

Use the Paintbrush or Paintbucket tool to fill in the selection.

Go to the layer with the original skin, as you've said, to pick the colors.

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