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Beiginer trying to crop photo to add to another

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I'm a complete novice, and I'm trying to understand how to crop an image using the lasso, but everyone seems to keep refering to layers. Is there a tutorial explaining how to use layers and when to use them? Basically, I need to plonk a robin, currently in a small square picture with a white backgound, onto a photo of me and my wife for a Xmas card. I need to get rid of the white background around the robin and only use the bird itself - if you get my drift.


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The best way of getting rid of the white would be to use the magic wand to select all the white and then just hitting the delete button. If the robin has any white or light colours on the edge you'll hafta be careful. Start with a low tolerance and work your way up until you've got as much white selected as possible. Goodluck!


- Any thoughts? -

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