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Volunteers Needed (no, not for artwork! :-P )

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No, this is not a call for artwork. I have something of a wild idea, and I'd like some help with it.

This is a somewhat informal call for volunteers. I won't explain the exact reason here, but post your City, State/Province, and Country if you (1) live outside the Midwestern US (especially out of the United States-- and if you're out of the North American continent, even better!), (2) have access to a printer, (3) are willing to help me, and (4) can keep a secret. :-)

(Even if someone from your area has commented, please comment again. They might fall through for some reason.)

After you comment, expect a PM from me. :-) All shall then be explained.

I thank you for your help in advance.

Thanks so much. When I explain, you'll understand.


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New Zealand logging onto the cause!

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When I explain, you'll understand.

That's generally the point of explaining, isn't it?

Colorado is only sometimes considered part of the Midwest, so I'll just leave this here: Colorado Springs, Colorado.


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