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Moving Selection via keyboard typed input

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I have tried searching but could not find the answer, or maybe its just called something I am unfamiliar with.

But is there a way for me to move my selection by typing in where I want the top-left of it to be with the keyboard?

I know I could use the mouse to move it approximately there and then the arrow keys to get it at the precise location, but I would like to be able to instantly move it precisely 500 pixels for example.

Or possibly even move relative to its current location (so being able to type in -30 to move it 30 pixels to the left).

Maybe I just don't know where to look for this functionality, in which case could someone point me to the correct thread please?

Thanks in advance,

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Thanks for the reply, and that's close but not quite, what i wanted to do.

I actually want to move the entire selection in stead of wrap it around in the selected area.

So basically:

1. Select area



4. Type in 500 (possible in the status bar) to move the pixels in the selected area 500 pixels to the left.

5. to un-select area.

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Plugins cannot access the area outside the current selection, so will be unable to move the selection sideways on the canvas.

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