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@Helen - Thank you, although I must confess it's not 100% PdN. :'(

@ChrisCo - Then I guess we'll call it an abstract text piece.

Also, expect more wallpapers and text pieces this week.

Cool! I just watched to Orange tutorial all over again. What program did you use to record it?

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...One quick question, is CamStudio worth downloading?

No. In terms of video-recording freeware, go with Jing (Here). It is a free, basic version of Camtasio Studio. A shareware version in the middle of the range is Jing Pro, 15$ a month, for MPEG4 output. I think Jing's default is SWF, which may be a problem (Youtube doesn't accept .swf files). There are some converters out there, but they all pretty much suck. Also, I don't use Youtube for my vids, I use Vimeo. It has a 500MB per week limit, but no time limit. My orange tut was ~20 mins. You could upload the swf to your website (assuming you have one) and it is viewable. So in terms of free video recording software, Jing would be my recommendation by miles.

EDIT - Jing's default is indeed SWF.

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