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Woah, how'd I miss out on like 4 comments???

Oh well, here goes nothing.

@Monkey Face ( :lol: I LOVE THAT NAME! ): Okay, but why would that help? Just wondering.

@Possum Roadkill ( Another awesome name ): Heheh, thanks.

@BarbieQ : Thanks, but again, why would that help?

@Soka : Thanks! On my way home from school I saw a McDonald's poster with a nearly perfect-looking burger. There you go, that's my inspiration. :D :D

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@ChrisCo - I was keeping it simple on purpose, it was just a break from the Table Series.

@WelshBlue - Thanks! Of course, constructive criticism is the best. I'll PM you my question.

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@All comments - Thanks for feedback and advice.

NEW WORKS (All 100% PdN):



NOTE: A public domain image was used to help me with the shape of the Windows logo (I did not copy-paste, I just looked at it in my browser and tweaked the line-curve tool.)



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