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Burn's art. New sig!!


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You have a nice Gallery , tips you ask ? Try some distortions , play with layering blend modes . Trust me you'll be surprised at what you can come up with even your avatar can be made into something awesome don't stop with the default setting move the nubs , add layers .. Even with the polar inversion that I see a lot of newbies use can be made into something cool , like my signature was made with polar inversion along with all sorts of layering and distorting :mrgreen: good luck ..

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Compliments: Nice work :) you show a lot of potential, and you've already made a really good tutorial.

Criticism (the good kind!): For your first picture, notice how the lines don't touch the center glow. It hurts a great idea. Also, the lines need more glow. Try duplicating the unglowed line layer, guassian(?) blurring the bottom layer, and then guassian blurring (at a lower strength) and glowing the top line layer. You can make great glow effects like that. Now just one more thing. A rule for signatures: borders. Borders make a signature great.

Hope I could help!


- Any thoughts? -

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