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Beginner advice requested

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I have bought some small, acrylic photo holders/key rings. I am wanting to resize some family photos to fit in them to give as Christmas presents.

The size of the insert space is 35mm x 24mm. When I use resize and 'maintain aspect ratio' in paint.net then I can't get this exact size. If I deselect 'maintain aspect ratio' then the pictures become stretched/distorted. Do I try to crop the photo first to some formula before resizing? Do I just resize to a slightly bigger size than 35mm x 24mm and then print and use my cutter to trim to fit? Thank you in advance for any tips and suggestions.

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Try this:

1.) Open Paint.NET and open your photo.

2.) Select the Rectangle Select tool and click on where it says "Normal" until it says "Fixed Ratio".

3.) In the two boxes to you right, put 35 in the first box and 24 in the second.

4.) Then draw a rectangle around the part of the picture you want.

5.) The hit the crop to selection button in the upper left-hand corner.

6.) Now you should be able to resize to as needed.

Hope this helps. :wink:

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