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PDN is getting HEAVY LAOD's?

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Is is jsut me or the PDN jsut got heavyer then normal recently?

After an Update from the old Icons to the new ones (they still are confusing for me, a bit)

not far from that. I notice PDN is start getting heavy loads and taking twice more the normal time, even wen I press (F) short-cut and Paint something it loads a bit before it, even thought is only less then 2cm's square area in the screen Zoomed in...

Is is jsut me or some one start noticing this too? :oops:

PS: thx for makign thsi great program, PDN-Prgramer Master's, keep up the good work.

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I didn't find any difference.

I mean, I use Paint.Net a lot, I used every version form 2.7, and the only performance change I spotted was in 3.36.

If You can try reinstalling the system. I know it is stupid to reinstall the whole OS for one app, but maybe sometine else is slowing You down.

Apple rules. Microsoft rules. Paint.Net rules. God Bless America.

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