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How to make a volcano in Paint.NET?

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Photos yes, but I want to "make" an erupting volcano on top of a hill AS possible as on these pictures. I know that these pictures show reality but my question is clearly:

1.Can I do an ash cloud probably good like on the second photo?

2.Can I do lava exploding from a center of a picture?

So I need a bit of instruction what effects and when i should use them to generate this.


Here also shown in Photoshop:

http://www.webdesign.org/photoshop/spec ... 17055.html

volcano_dusk_web.jpg -> Also made in Photoshop...

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Yeah, try this

1. Fill a layer with black and then make a new layer.

2. Grab your brush size and make large dots of Red, Orange, Yellow and a little bit of white halfway between the middle and the bottom of the canvas

3. Run zoom blur from the bottom on a desired setting.

I'll start you from there muck around with some more effects and adjustments to get you on your way. Hope it helped

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Sorry, but that does not really helped me, i know what you mean except how big the dots should be...

But know i want to try something different from a "exploding" volcano. You know the lava of the volcano that flows down over the ground. Is that possible to make it from a existing river?

So making a river to a lava that flows?


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