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Creating Timelines with Graphics Using Paint.net

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I am interested in creating some timelines that have graphics using paint.net. Is paint.net my best choice of programs, or is there another free program that will be more suitable for the job?

If it is the best choice, would you link to a tutorial or two to get me started on creating a timeline?

Samples of timeline that incorporate graphics:

http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&s ... q=&aqi=g10


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As far as best program, I'd say Paint.net would be as good as any to create a timeline, so if you're already familar with it, use it.

Do you really need a tutorial to make lines. If you're having trouble with the consistany of the space between years, I suggest you use the Grid plugin in an overlay layer.

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Not a tutorial to make lines. I would like to make something like this:

http://www.banglasavvy.com/wp-content/u ... meline.jpg

I understand that. That person made some lines, copy and pasted photos in, and wrote some text. What is the specific part you need help with? I hope I don't sound rude...

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