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.psd plugin doesn't work with file

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If you can, zip up the .psd and post it here, and someone with Photoshop can take a look and see what feature it uses that Photoshop supports but Paint.NET's Photoshop plugin doesn't (of which there are many). Or the file may just be corrupt...


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The OP states that it does work, but not for all files. I guess that this means the ref to the \Effects folder is a simple error. To get it to work at all it would have to be located in the \Filetype folder.

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Your guess is probably correct, EER.

However, I'm not totally ready to assume that there isn't a previously

installed, now forgotten, and presently obsolete .dll in FileTypes that

PdN is drawing on while the new .dll sits unused in Effects.

In any event, naturalp will know. We don't at the moment.

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.... and I did put the psd dll file into the effects directory ...

Oops! You should have placed it in the \FileTypes folder as per Sarkut's post above.

Try placing it there and restart PDN.

If you still have no joy get back to us with the contents of your \Filetypes folder. As Sarkut suggested, you might have a legacy plugin lurking there.

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Ok so i uninstalled Paint and reinstalled in a new directory and put the .dl lfile in the File types directory - no joy - now I'm wondering if I have the right plugin. I find this site really difficult to navigate and spent hours lokking in the plugins directory until I found this - here's the link http://frankblumenberg.de/doku/doku.php ... in#history

Is the correct plugin? Maybe it isn't and that's why it doesn't work?

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I believe that is the correct plugin.

File Types is the recommended directory, although it seems

to work from the Effects folder also. Odd.

Have you been able to verify by other ways that this .psd file

contains the additional images that you want?

That it is not a damaged file, I mean.

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clever but not quite right - it should look like this template here http://www.falabellacheval.com/ but I can't get it to display - I do like the tiny upload though - !Thanks..

His his file doesn't look like that, I highly doubt the original file look like that.

It was opened in GIMP and saved as an .xcf file.

That .xcf file was then opened and saved as a .psd file.

Good idea. I'm totally going to write a script to automate that.

In, the past when I had a .psd, I had to edit with Gimp. Thanks for the tip.

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