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Why did i start this Post?

Answer: I need some infomations or i can share some. And it's free for everyone to share or ask!

Let's go stright on which computer am going to buy in next month:

Hidden Content:
This 32" Full HD for drawing pictures, creating music and to watch movie and more... just to fit all my projects so i can start working ;) "bigger screen can i not have in my department"


And then a Packard Bell IXtreme.


AMD Phenom II Quad Core [2,80 Ghz*4]

RAM: 8Gb

CPU Memory: 6 MB L2

HardDisk: 1 TeraByte


So tell me what you guys think ^^


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Holy. i7??? Woah. Have fun man.

I'm getting a Dell Studio 1555, 5.5 pounds, 5.5 hrs of battery life, Core 2 Duo T6600 (I don't need i3), and obviously, Windows 7 (Home). Can't remember the rest.

Nice upgrade from Dell Inspiron B130, XP Pro SP3, Centrino, 7 lbs., 1 hour of battery life.

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Good build. If I made any recommendations, I would say go with a Cosrair power supply. Rosewill is ok, and I have a PSU of theirs, but Corsair is pure quality. Yoou could even go with 750 - 900 watts, that build doesn't look like it will be particularly power hungry (efficiency FTW).

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